My First Year As An Etsy Shop Owner

In December I will have had my shop for a year. A YEAR. I can’t believe it has been that long.


These are some of the first knitted items I ever made. Seeing these, I can really tell how far I have come. 

These hats are some of my more recent items. 


I can’t say it has been easy, because it hasn’t. I can’t say I have been super successful, because I haven’t. But what I can say is this, opening my Etsy Shop has been an experience I will never forget. I am so happy I picked up those needles last Fall and dove into the would of knitting, making, and being a maker. I love that I am a maker, I make things with my own two hands that, if I am lucky, someone will buy and it will keep them warm during the cold winter. If I am lucky, something I have made will be someone’s favorite accessory. That means so much to me. This path I am on, being a maker and Etsy Shop owner, it isn’t a hobby, it is a passion. I have spent so much of my live praying to God, trying to find something he wants me to do, something I am passionate about, and I really feel like this is it. This may never be easy and I may never be successful, but I am right where I belong.

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